This was my third trip to the KL bird park.Honestly, I am a firm believer of freedom. In this park, only the visitors aka Humans have the freedom & not the unfortunate birds. However, what drew me to this place the second and third time was my love for photography & practice my skills here. You do get to see birds flying around with nets on top thereby creating ” freedom ” for the unfortunate, wonderful creatures. I have spotted the Milky stork, many Egrets, Peacocks, variety of parrots, etc. But, my blog here is not to describe the park, but my experience as a photographer with limited knowledge.

I use the Nikon D-810 body with a few lenses. This time around, I decided to carry the Nikon  70-200mm, f/2.8 lens ( a low light lens, small the “f” number, larger the aperture & hence it allows more light to enter the lens ) and the ” Monster ” , the  Nikon 400mm f/2.8  lens.

I travelled from KLIA2 by the KLIA transit ( stops at 3 stations, if I am not mistaken) & takes about 10minutes longer than the KLIA Express which takes 28 minutes. From KL Central station , I took a cab costing me about 10 RM and 10-15 minutes of drive.The park opens at 9:30 am & the ticket was RM 57/=.  Link to the website is https://www.klbirdpark.com

Challenges I faced were high temperature, variable light as I was there at mid noon, probably the worst time to take photos & very hight humidity. I carried an extra T-shirt & a napkin along with a water bottle. The Hornbill restaurant has air conditioning and that helped me take a break, especially when I couldn’t handle the heat. Three tender coconuts (water) made life easy & helped me prevent dehydration.

I had to wait patiently for a cloud to hide the sun & thereby giving me some diffused light, ideal for photography. Remember, how well your androids/ i-phones take photos when shooting on an overcast day ?

Never mind, enjoy the photos & feel free to leave your valuable comments or any queries  on the Bird park. I would certainly give the park 5 stars for parents accompanying children & is a must go especially to enjoy the feeding session.



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